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Bloomstones London Quartz Care

Heat Resistance

Due to the hard wearing qualities of Bloomstones Quartz it is very hard wearing in comparison to most granites, marbles and limestones. As with any material it does have its limitations such as sudden extreme temperature change and it will need some protection against very high temperatures exceeding 150°C or 300°𝐹. We recommend seeking the advice of your nominated fabricator with regards to heat resistance and protecting your worktop to help guarantee you get the best from your surface for your needs.

General Maintenance

Bloomstones Quartz is extremely durable however if exposed to strong chemicals and solvents which can affect its physical properties there is a risk of permanent irreversible damage. Should your material become accidentally exposed to anything of the above nature then you should rinse immediately with warm water to neutralise the effect, this is however no guarantee that it will remain undamaged.

Stains and Spills

Bloomstones Quartz is a non-porous material therefore it is highly durable and resistant to staining, however this does not mean it’s completely indestructible. Should under any circumstance you spill anything on your surface we recommend cleaning immediately. The recommended way to clean is using a non-scratch pad and warm water. Should you find an extra-stubborn stain it is recommended to use a Scotch-Brite© pad along with a non-abrasive cleaner with will not affect the surface integrity.

Hot, Heavy & Sharp Objects

Whilst your work surface will withstand moderate degrees of heat we recommend the use of a trivet where possible. Do not place objects straight from a heat source, directly onto Bloomstones London Quartz. Never cut directly onto a work surface and avoid dropping, knocking or rubbing objects on the edges of Bloomstones London Quartz.

Direct Sunlight Exposure

Avoid leaving your Bloomstones London Quartz directly exposed to ultraviolet rays for any prolonged length of time as this can be responsible for fading the colour.

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